Is an alloy wheel good for cars? – What are good Brands in Alloys

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Vroom, vroom. The circular objects are an essential part of the vehicles, while few have two others have 4. Did you guess what we are going to talk about today? 

The wheels!

Wheels play an important role in enhancing the driving experience. Although the most demanded type of wheels is the steel wheels, alloy wheels are gaining traction in recent times. Steel wheels are preferred considering their cost, availability, and easy molding capacity.

Other than the appearance of steel and alloy wheels they are distinguished by characteristics as well. 

Here are the differences between steel and alloy wheels

Differences between steel wheels and alloy wheels

Basis of difference

Steel wheels

Alloy wheels


Cheap and affordable

Prices are comparatively high

Visual appearance

Aren’t as appealing as alloy wheels 

Improves the look of the car



Stronger and lighter


Can be easily repaired


Should you switch to alloy wheels?

The answer depends on the surface of the road you ride on. If you regularly travel in your vehicle, then cast alloy wheels can make your ride smoother and your car look more appealing. Alloy wheels are a brilliant choice for regular driving on the roads as they are lightweight and provide a steady ride when compared to steel wheels. 

The best wheels for off-roading are forged alloy wheels and steel wheels. Forged alloy wheels are of a higher price than cast alloy wheels. These varied prices are based on the process involved in their manufacturing.

An alloy is a mixture of a metal with other elements. The alloys of aluminum are lighter and are mended with titanium and magnesium in wheel production. The high-performing aluminum wheels are light, improving the grip, reduces fuel consumption, and are corrosion resistant. The alloy wheels are painted with different colors for a finishing touch and are layered with a protective spray to protect the paint. 

However, the manufacturing of the cast and forged wheels is different.

The forged wheels are made by forging the aluminum into the shape of wheel rims. The solid aluminum is exposed to excess heat pressure to melt and mold.

Whereas in cast alloy wheels the solid aluminum is melted and the liquid form is poured into wheel molds to get the ideal shape.

Good alloy wheels brands in India

  1. Vossen 

  2. BBS 

  3. Borbet 

  4. Hijon 

  5. Neo 

  6. Enkei

  7. Momo

Hyundai, Tata, Maruti Suzuki are the prominent car brands in India providing cars with alloy wheels that give a sleek look.

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