Which air is better for your Tyre Normal or Nitrogen?

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Advantages and Disadvantages 

If your vehicle is running low on fuel, it no longer continues to move. If your vehicle is running low on nitrogen in tyres, it no longer contributes to safety. Indicator inclining to E in your vehicle alarms you to fuel up. A regular tyre pressure check allows you to get the tyres inflated if the level of pressure in the tyres is below the specified amount.

Escaping gas from the tyre compresses its size, causing under-inflation. When the under-inflated tyres get in close contact with the surface of the road, it damages the tyres. Excessive overheating, pressure on automobiles of the vehicle cause loss of balance when the tyres are under-inflated. Hence, it becomes essential to get your tyres inflated frequently. 

At one time or another, the gas trapped in the tyre will pass through its walls. But if we think of the long-term, anything that has greater endurance is impactful and preferred. Nitrogen passes through the tyre walls slower when compared to oxygen; making nitrogen the widely used gas for tyre inflation. Earlier nitrogen was used to inflate tyres of military vehicles, airplanes, racing cars, etc. Its scope has expanded to usage in regular use road transport vehicles handled by the common public.

The usage of nitrogen has surpassed the pumping of normal air into tyres because of the following reasons.

  1. Maintaining tyre pressure for a longer period.

  2. Decreased risk of a tyre blowout

  3. The tyres last longer

Advantages of Nitrogen tyre-inflation

  1. Long tyre life: The under-inflated tyres affect the life of your vehicle tyres. Lower tyre pressure increases the friction, as the entire surface of the tyre touches the road, leading to wear and tear. When tyres aren’t damaged and are not prone to such risk, it automatically boosts the tyre life.

  2. Tyre pressure: As nitrogen moves at a slower rate through the tyres when compared to normal air, under-inflation of tyres takes a back seat. Thus, the slower movement of nitrogen catches the gas in the tyres, maintaining the required tyre pressure for long periods.

  3. Avoid oxidization: Normal air comprises several components like Nitrogen and Oxygen. Oxidization separates the layers and degrades the base of the wheel. tyre blowouts can be avoided by using Nitrogen to inflate tyres as the gas blocks oxidization 

  4. Cooler tyres: Normal air absorbs heat, making it hotter insider the tyres. Heat pressure makes molecules move intensely, causing expansion of the tyres. Further pressure on them causes tyre blowout as the tyre burst because of excessive heat. You needn’t worry if you have been getting nitrogen inflated, because the nitrogen doesn’t heat speedily like normal air.

  5. Eco-friendly: Greater resistance, longer durability, fewer tyre replacements are positive towards sustainable development. Nitrogen-filled tyres like mentioned in the four points aggregate to higher endurance, reducing the number of tyres produced by using the available natural resources.

Disadvantages of Nitrogen Inflated tyres

  1.  Expensive: The gaining and maintenance cost of Nitrogen inflation is expensive than normal air filling, making it less preferred by consumers who aren't willing to shell out a greater amount on the tyre inflation. 

  2.  Air filling: If you have been getting the tyres inflated with normal air, you have a choice to switch to nitrogen inflation after getting acquainted with its pros. But if you have been using nitrogen air filling, then you have to stick by it. Once you have filled nitrogen, you have to use only nitrogen for air filling.

  3. Availability: Not all petrol bunks or tyre repair/air filling shops provide nitrogen filling services. Which makes it difficult for a person to find a nitrogen air filling service.

Tyre replacement once the damage is done and assuring the tyre pressure doesn’t drop below a specified limit is a red flag that requires the vehicle owners to take necessary actions. Be it Nitrogen or Normal air, maintaining tyre pressure is essential. To get you tyre pressure checked or want to get nitrogen gas filled in your car tyres at your doorstep, visit Tyrelelo now.