How to choose the right tyres for my car?

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As much as you would like to keep the same set of tyres on our cars forever - they will eventually need to be replaced. Because Tyres wear out!

A lot of factors can contribute to the eventual wear out of your tyres like the weather, road conditions, and braking. The way you drive also plays a crucial part in tyre wear out. For example, if you are in the habit of braking hard and braking more frequently, it might cause your tyre tread to wear out faster. Much faster than you think!

Tyres are the point of contact between you and the road. They form a crucial component of car safety. They are a significant part of your car and just as important as the engine.

Tyres are such a subject, wherein not everyone has the right set of information and knowledge. That’s where we come into the picture. We, at Tyrelelo help you chose the right set of tyres for your most-loved car!

If you follow these tips, you will find the perfect tyre for your needs

1. Choose tyres that match the kind of vehicle you drive.

Be sure to take your driving style into account when choosing tyres. Consider these basic tips:

Compact/small family car Cars like alto, Santro, Kwid, i10, etc - choose a tyre that offers good comfort, and is budget-friendly. Generally, these cars are less frequently driven and are used mostly on weekends, social gatherings, and small distance travels. Tyre brands like Ceat, JK, Mrf, Goodyear offer very good tyres for this segment as they are reasonably priced.

Midsize/sedans - cars like Baleno, Honda city, Cruze- choose a tyre that offers good comfort, has safety features, and additional features like handling and braking efficiency

Generally, mid-size cars are used on a day to day basis and may be used for highway driving too. Brands like - continental, Michelin, Hankook, and Yokohama offer very good tyres for this segment
MUVS / SUV/ CUV - This is the most popular segment in India right now. Cars like Ertiga, Seltos, Innova, Creta, Duster, etc can be classified as MUVs. Generally, these cars are used quite often and sometimes extensively both in city and highways. choose a tyre that offers LONG TYRE LIFE, better safety features, and low tyre noise. Brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Kumho, and continental offer very good tyres for this segment.

Luxury sedan/Premium SUV - cars like BMW 320d, Mercedes e class, Audi A4, Jaguar can be classified in this category. Generally, these cars are used in the city, and less frequently on highways. choose a tyre that offers the HIGHEST SAFETY AND EXCELLENT COMFORT. These cars are generally high on torque and need a good set of tyres to support them well. Brands like PIRELLI, HANKOOK, CONTINENTAL, AND MICHELIN offer the best tyres in these segments.

2. Select the right tyre size for your car

While buying new tyres, we should know how to read the size of a tyre. It’s simple, it is generally mentioned on the sidewall of a tyre and is represented in a standardized manner. For example, 195/55 R 16 87V. We can read it as:

195(mm) is the width of the tyre

55(%): referred to as the aspect ratio, this shows the height of the tyre as a percentage of the width.

R: stands for radial. The majority of tyres sold now are radial tyres. Radial tyres are constructed from cords (usually polyester)

16 (inches) refers to the diameter of the wheel (rim size)

87: indicates the load rating. The load table lists all load ratings and the corresponding weight in kg which the tyre is capable of carrying.

V: the letter represents the tyre’s speed rating. This is the maximum speed at which the tyre is designed to be used. This is calculated from testing tyres at given speeds over a sustained period

To sum it up:


3 Know your tyre - like a pro!

i) Brands - choose the tyre brand you desire. Go through the brand history, choose between various brands based on your budget and requirements.

Please note that Not all tyres are the same. Every tyre has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are long-lasting, some are budget-friendly, while others are quiet and smooth while driving. Choose accordingly and smartly, or just feel free to get in touch with our representatives to guide you well.

ii) Warranty: Each brand will have a certain warranty criterion, go through them carefully and decide accordingly. has clearly mentioned the brand warranty descriptions for easy understanding.

iii) Date of manufacture:

While buying a tyre you should always check the date of manufacturing mentioned on its sidewall. It is a DOT code generally represented by a four-digit number where the first 2 digits indicate the week while the last 2 digits depict the year of manufacturing. It is recommended that you do not buy a tyre that is older than 8 months.

At tyrelelo we strive hard to provide information and details which will help the customer buy a tyre much easily. These pieces of information are generally hidden by offline tyre dealers as they don’t want you to know much and blindly buy what he wants to sell. But, now we have made you a pro! that’s right, you now have to power to buy what you want.

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