Is it safe and reliable to buy tyres online?

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The evolution of technology has made everything available in a click away. Looking at such a remarkable transformation and hassle-free service people get skeptical at times. Several doubts pop in their minds that hold back the audience from availing an online purchase. The escalating fraudulent activities and the fear of getting duplicate products instill a second thought in the minds.  Especially when it comes to buying tyres online you become even more conscious. Before getting the tyres replaced people do their homework of researching the appropriate tyres. An authentic online site solves the queries of customers and helps them in making purchase decisions. We at tyrelelo take accountability for delivering the right products and services, along with seeing to it that customer expectations are met. 

Yes, it is absolutely safe and reliable to buy tyres online. But there are certain points you have to keep in mind to avoid getting scammed online. As a tyre company, it is our sole responsibility to clarify the doubts and keep our customers safe. Continue to read to avoid getting doomed while making an online purchase of tyres. 

  1. Contact: Any website would believe in interactions by getting in close contact with the customers. Look for contact details, email address, telephone number, company name. 

  2. Feedback: Check for the reviews given by people who have already availed of the products and services delivered by the store. Through the feedback, you can frame an opinion and decide whether to proceed to buy or not.

  3. Information: Companies may deceive and exploit users by asking for additional information. Ensure that you don’t fall into this trap. Everything a genuine online site would ever ask for is your credit card details, name, number, address, and required details. 

  4. HTTPS site: The web address should include “HTTPS” which is a hypertext transfer protocol secure, a security protocol that is encrypted by security layers. HTTPS prevents hackers from hijacking your data or any third parties from tampering with communication between the user and website. 

  5. Privacy Policy: A safe and reliable website mentions its privacy policies. Having a privacy policy keeps things transparent and honest between the users and the website. An effective privacy policy highlights how the information collected is used by the company, the collection, and the protection of information. 

  6. Product description: Read the details mentioned about the products. The features, price, and deals. If you feel they are too good to be true then watch out! 

  7. Payments: Use verified websites while making online payments. Don’t disclose the details of your banking id and password to anybody. An online website will not ask for any confidential information related to your account. Beware!

Check off the list of these points mentioned before you hit the purchase button. 

Advantages of buying tyres online from tyrelelo:

  • Saves time

  • Reduces transportation cost

  • Quality service

  • Delivery of branded tyres

  • Wide range of products

It is safe to buy tyres online if they meet all these criteria of authentication. Tyrelelo closely monitors the tyres being sent, and our expert team right from the beginning works hard to deliver the right products, at the right time, in the right place.