Perfect ways to reuse your older tyres- Know the eco-friendly ways!

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Perfect ways to reuse your older tyres- Know the eco-friendly ways!

The tyre is one of the most imperative needs of your vehicle. It is like the limbs of your car, without which it cannot run. The tyres in the car are responsible for several functions. It regulates the speed, helps you in braking, aids you move down the street easily, and many more. With such immense dependency on tyres, it is obvious that car owners need to change the car tyres every year. On average, about 32 million car tyres are discarded as owners buy new tyres online.

When you buy tyres online, what do you do with your older tyres? Most users dump it or discard it at the tire replacement centers. However, do you know, even after buying new tyres online in India, you can creatively use your older tyres? This blog discusses some innovative ways to use your older tyres and reduce soil pollution. Read the complete blog before you buy tyres online India.

Interesting ways to reuse your older tyres

Use them as your garden chairs
Tyres indeed can turn into a great couch and chair if you know how to do it. Instead of discarding your older tire after you buy tyre online, you should creatively use them. Take out the tyres and wash them properly. As you are going to use it for your outdoor setting, make sure you are washing it all requires sanitary products. Then you can apply paint to it. Paints on the tyres will also kill any present germs. Join two tyres, and connect all the inner circular edges with thick ropes. Tie the rope as such it would make a check. You can also use a cushion and other soft materials to fill the middle of the tire. If needed, use two wooden frames with a resting piece attached and integrate them to the tyres with strong adhesive.

The tyre planter

The tire planter is another eco-friendly way of using the tire. Using the plants to decorate inside will change the surroundings and will also offer you a constant supply of oxygen. When buying car tyres online, take out the older ones and paint them in the desired color. Hang them to your walls or the part of your space where you prefer it to be. You can use nails to hang the tire, but make sure it is robust. Once you hang the tyres, place the plant inside them in the vacuum area.

Coffee table 

A coffee table is a great reusing approach for your car tyres. If you are changing your old car tyres and buying car tyres online, you can use the older tyres to make a compact coffee table. Use the wood to cover up the middle blank portion of the tire, then integrate four legs to make it a coffee table. You can also use your older tables and redesign them using the tyres.


Keeping it short, these are some significant ways of reusing your older tyres. If you want your future generation to live in a cleaner environment, you must recycle and reuse the items that can create soil pollution.