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Most common reasons behind pressure drop in your tyres
Have you bought a new tyre online but are still witnessing pressure drops in your car? The car tyres are made to offer ease in driving with a circular motion. The ride becomes even smoother with desired pressure inside the tyres. However, when you find pressure drops in your car, the ride can soon become a trauma for you. When you buy car tyres online, you think that possibly all tyre-related problems are eliminated. However, it is not so; inadequate pressure leads you to hassles despite tyre replacement.

If you are witnessing regular pressure drops, even after changing to, you are at the right place. There could possibly be many reasons behind the pressure drop in your car. Susceptible tyre punctures, change in temperature and many more. Read the complete blog to identify all possible reasons for pressure drops and take proper measures against them.

Why is it important to identify all the reasons for pressure drop?

Inadequate pressure in your car’s tyre can lead you to quick wearing. In such cases, you will eventually end up buying car tyres online in India every 6 months. The inadequate pressure in your car’s tyre will also consume more fuel and decrease the mileage. If you are experiencing a pressure drop, read the following reason to prevent any poor circumstances in the future.

Why do you experience a pressure drop even in your new tyres?

Change in temperature

From all the possible reasons, one of the most common and strong reasons that lead to pressure drop is a temperature change. The tyre pressure contracts on cooling and expands on heating! That implies; you can either experience underinflation or overinflation. When the temperature outside increases more than 5.5 degrees Celsius, the pressure will increase by 2%. However, when the temperature decreases similarly, you will find a 2% pressure drop. So, if you are moving from summer to winter, you must check your tyres before driving. Check the tyre pressure, especially before leaving for a long drive.

Issues with tyre valve

Despite replacing your older tyres and accomplishing a new one on online tyre sales, you can still find the same issue if the tyre valve gets damaged. Even after reaching the perfect PSI, the tyre pressure slowly escapes when the valve is damaged. So, even after buying a new tyre, check the valve properly. Any ignorance can lead you to an overwhelming situation.

Tyre bead damaging 

This is a problem that would get experienced in your older tyre. The beads of the tyres get damaged with regular running overtime. When the beads get damaged, the tyres will lose pressure while impacting any surface. So, if you have bead damage, you need to buy tyres online India and protect your suspensions from getting damaged. You should also buy the right tyre size to maintain the pressure.

How can you avoid pressure drop?

Now you know the reasons behind the sudden loss of pressure. If you want to avoid such sudden loss of air pressure, you can install TPMS. The role of TPMS or the tyre pressure monitoring system in your car is to alert you that at least one or more tyres are extremely under-inflated.

In conclusion, these are some reasons why you lose pressure in even new tyres. Now that you are aware of the reasons, you can prevent them in the future.