Which car tyres are best for Indian Roads?

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Either traveling to a destination place or making small trips, we rely on a vehicular mode of transportation. Roads are the gateway to reach any place in your desired vehicles. Out of all, do you know what highly affects your experience on roads? 

Have you guessed it yet? 

Yes, it is the design of roads. No, don’t underestimate what a road can do to both your tyres and traveling journey. 

Fact: you have to cover 3676kms road distance to reach Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It sounds fascinating, right? If you have ever been on a trip on Indian roads you would know that apart from different emotions you feel in different places, even the roads are not the same throughout the journey. In some corners of the country, the roads are crooked, with potholes while others are smooth on your tyres. 

Did you know? The surface of the roads affects the wearing out of tyres and burdens the tyres with strains, thereby, increasing the chances of damage to the tyres. 

Although you needn’t worry about transport on national highways as they are in good conditions, caution arises around certain routes. In this article, you will find the best suitable tyres for Indian roads. Overload of the vehicles, stress on tyres caused by uneven roads, impact on the tyre’s texture because of the use of specific routes with damaged routes are all aggravation the tyre life. Hence, it is essential to use tyres that reduce friction and provides a grip while driving. 

Caution: do not use tyres beyond their average lifespan. Want to get them replaced? Contact us.

  1. Yokohama

The classic design of the Yokohama tyres is of smooth texture, made with excellent wet and road grip which are fuel-efficient and silent, is the best choice for Indian roads. 

Suitable for: Hyundai i10, Mahindra Verito, Mahindra e20.

  1. Ceat

Exclusively designed for enhancing a good experience on Indian roads, the CEAT tyres are a well-known Indian tyre brand. With a long life and a supreme grip suitable for wet and dry roads is a great switch. 

Suitable for: Maruti Suzuki Swift, Swift Dzire, Ritz

  1. Goodyear

One of the finest tyres with a promising excellent grip on the roads and low noise. Goodyear tyres are of a reasonable price and best quality paving a smooth experience on Indian roads. 

Suitable for: Maruti Suzuki, Ciaz

  1. Bridgestone

Bridgestone is famous for its durability and fuel-saving feature, designed with a unique tread pattern that has a compilation of best features suited for traveling on Indian roads.

Suitable for: Hyundai Elite i20, Ritz, Nissan Sunny

  1. JK tyres

These well-crafted JK tyres are one of India’s largest tyre manufacturers with notable durability and reduced heat buildup. The design, comfort, handling capacity, and comfort are all your car needs! 

Suitable for: Nissan Sunny, Mahindra Verito

If you are looking for durable tyres with conventional features best suitable to move on Indian roads, then the mentioned tyres are good to go with! Have a hassle-free journey on the roads by using these meticulously crafted tyres. 

Happy journey :)